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I have been growing rhubarb in my garden for over 25 years. And, of course that means I have been baking and cooking with the "pie plant" for just as long.

Actually, I have been using rhubarb in the kitchen for longer than that, because my grandparents shared their rhubarb with us when I married and did not yet have a property to grow it on ourselves!

Here, are the best rhubarb culinary/kitchen, rhubarb growing/gardening tips, "how tos", and helpful information and advice from a rhubarb expert!

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
with no extra cost to you

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Helpful Rhubarb Tips and How To Info Page

Countless rhubarb culinary and kitchen tips, gardening and growing tips and other advice about rhubarb is sprinkled throughout this website, however, below I have included links to the most frequently asked questions about rhubarb.

On this page (below) you will find links to topics such as how to prepare rhubarb, eating rhubarb raw, how to make green rhubarb "red", the best recipe for a graham cracker crumb crust, how to keep your flour fresh, how to freeze, dry or can rhubarb, ideas for including rhubarb (remember rhubarb is a vegetable) in your dinner menu, and much more!

Perhaps your rhubarb garden is suffering from pests or disease, or slugs have taken a liking to it - find out what to do at Rhubarb-Central.com! Interested in forcing rhubarb, or wondering if you can grow this plant in a patio container?

Be sure to check out the link to simple, do-it-yourself instructions for how to make fabric jam jar covers! No need to buy jam jar toppers, they are so easy to assemble yourself!

Whether you have grown and baked and cooked with rhubarb for many years, or you are new at rhubarb gardening, I hope you will find all you are looking for, and more(!) at Rhubarb-Central.com!

Rhubarb Kitchen/Culinary/Baking TIPS

How to PREPARE Rhubarb

How to Make RED Rhubarb from GREEN Rhubarb

Can I use FROZEN Rhubarb in any Rhubarb Recipe?

Where can I BUY FROZEN Rhubarb?


Is Rhubarb HEALTHY?

How to STEW Rhubarb

How to Keep Rhubarb in the REFRIGERATOR

How to FREEZE Rhubarb

How to DRY-DEHYDRATE Rhubarb 

Do I need to PEEL Rhubarb?

How to CAN/PRESERVE Rhubarb

How to Make Rhubarb JAM/JELLY


Boiling Water Bath CANNING Instructions

How to Make Rhubarb WINE

How to Include Rhubarb for DINNER

The Best Graham CRUMB CRUST Recipe


How to Prevent PIE CRUST Edges from BURNING

Why Drink/Punch DISPENSERS are More Efficient than Punch BOWLS

FLOUR STORAGE - How to Keep Flour Fresh 

Rhubarb Gardening/Growing TIPS

How to GROW Rhubarb

Where can I BUY Rhubarb PLANTS?

Does Rhubarb Grow in the SOUTH?

Can Rhubarb be Grown in CONTAINERS?


What are the FACTS about Rhubarb


What is ORNAMENTAL Rhubarb?

What do I do with FLOWERING Rhubarb?

Can I GROW Rhubarb from SEED?

What are Rhubarb PESTS?

What are Rhubarb DISEASES?

How to CONTROL WEEDS in the Garden


Don't see the answer or solution to the question you had? Can't find the rhubarb tips you were searching for? Let me know!

If you have a rhubarb tip or bit of advice that you are willing to share, please let me know, and I will be happy to let other visitors know!

I regularly receive emails from visitors to my website asking me questions about rhubarb, or sharing their experiences with this (much misunderstood) veggie!

I love receiving website feedback and questions or comments, so keep them coming!

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