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Where do You Buy Rhubarb Plants?

Every Spring I received many emails from visitors to Rhubarb Central, asking for help with the question of, "Where can I buy rhubarb plants?", and often the more urgent questions of, "I can't find any place that sells rhubarb plants, can you help?".

Rhubarb Plants for Sale

This year, and I will continue to do so each Spring, I asked this very question on Rhubarb Central's Facebook page.

On this website page I will share information to help those looking for where to buy rhubarb in their locale.

Of course this does not mean that if the Store is listed on this page, that they sell rhubarb plants at any given time. This does mean that someone has reported seeing that a particular Shop had rhubarb for sale.

Be sure to check local classified ads and garage and yard sales and roadside perennial plant sales for rhubarb plants too. I have personally noticed them at these places.

Rhubarb Festivals often have rhubarb plants for sale too!

If you have any information regarding where to purchase rhubarb plants, please contact me and I will be happy to add them.

This is the post from the Facebook Page:

Can YOU Help?

Many visitors to Rhubarb Central claim they cannot find Rhubarb Plants to purchase in the Spring ... many of you reading this probably already grow rhubarb so you are not on the look-out for rhubarb plants, but IF you have noticed where you can purchase them ... please post here ... please include your State or Province, City, and the name of the Store or Garden Center. THANKS!

If you are interested in organic rhubarb, go here.

Here follow the replies this post has generated, as well as other helpful information sent by website visitors:

Where to Buy Rhubarb Plants in the United States

~  Michael Bros. Nursery & Garden Center, Western PA. They sell nice large plants.

~ Lowes

~ Home Depot

~ High Rhubarb Organic Farm, in Black Forest, Colorado

~ Bi Mart has them Prineville, Oregon and other Bi Mart stores in US

~ Walmart in Moorhead, MN

~ Rhubarb plants for sale at the Lenox Rhubarb Festival in Lenox, MA

~ Rhubarb plants for sale at K-Mart in Niagara Falls, NY

Where to Buy Rhubarb Plants in Canada

~ Canadian Tire

~ Some Garden Centers and Plant Nurseries

Buying Rhubarb Plants On-line

Of course, if you cannot find rhubarb plants near where you live, you have the option of purchasing rhubarb plants on-line at *Amazon.com.

Join the growing (no pun intended) number of gardeners who are purchasing much of their supplies on-line ... leaving them more time to do what they love ... gardening!

Click on the image below for more information about these rhubarb plants and be sure to check the customer product reviews.

Here, (at left or below), is a link to purchase 6 LIVE 3-5" VICTORIA Rhubarb Plants online at *Amazon.com.

This is a standard crop variety of Rhubarb

One of the largest and most productive varieties

The stalks are a deep crimson red with a touch of green on the inside

Click on the image for additional product information and product reviews.

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