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Here, below, are questions and answers about gardening with rhubarb and cooking with rhubarb that others have asked and found answers for.

Chances are that your question may find it's answer in the links below, however, if you do not find an answer to your particular question about this amazing vegetable, please do not hesitate to contact me here, and I will be more than happy to do my best to answer you!

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I've been growing rhubarb for over 30 years, and cooking and baking with this most versatile vegetable for just as many years ... I hope my experience will be able to help you with your rhubarb "problems" or queries of any type!

What Other Rhubarb Enthusiasts have Asked

Can I Compost Rhubarb Leaves?

 ... is it safe to add rhubarb leaves to the compost pile, or the composter ...

Is it Rhubarb Crown Rot?

 ... the rhubarb leaves are wilting, shrivelling at the edges,  and turning yellow when quite young ...  

Why is My Rhubarb Green instead of Red?

 ... plants are green with only a hint of red at the bottom ...

Why are My Rhubarb Stalks so Short?

 ... my rhubarb has short stalks but beautiful leaves.  I need more length on the stalks ...

What do I do with the Rhubarb Seed Pod Stalk?

 ... my plants seem to be sprouting and growing a center stalk high above the rest of the plant do I cut this ...

What are the Red Spots on My Rhubarb Leaves?

 ... my plants have red spots on the leaves ... can I still harvest the rhubarb stalks? ...

Why are My Rhubarb Leaves Turning Brown?

 ... all my rhubarb plants are browning ... looks like the rhubarb leaves are burned ...

Why are My Rhubarb Stalks /Stems Turning Brown, Wilting and Dying?

 ... my rhubarb starts out great in the spring, no dead leaves around and then, after a month or two, the leaves and stalks wilt back and die ...

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