Where to Grow Rhubarb -
In Which Climate Conditions
Can you Grow Rhubarb Successfully?

Can you Grow Rhubarb in the South?

Wondering if your location is where to Grow Rhubarb?

Can you grow "Rheum Palmatum", or the "Pie Plant", in any climate?

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Many people ask whether or not it is possible to grow rhubarb "in the South".

"Is it possible to grow rhubarb in Florida? Or in Texas?"

Where on earth DO you grow rhubarb successfully?

Others, from Texas and other Southern United States, would like to know where they can buy rhubarb, (frozen rhubarb) to be able to make a favourite rhubarb recipe.

What are the climate conditions required to grow rhubarb? Where is the best geographical location where to grow rhubarb?

Rhubarb is a perennial plant that requires cool temperatures for dormancy, and moderate spring and summer temperatures for stimulating vigorous growth.

Ideal temperatures for growing rhubarb is below 40 ° F, (5° c), in winter, and temperatures averaging less than 75° F (24° C) in the summer.

Climatic conditions in the Northern United States and in Canada are ideal for growing rhubarb.

In the United States rhubarb generally, will grow quite successfully between from Maine to Illinois, and west to Washington.

Most of the commercial rhubarb grown in the United States is grown in Washington, Oregon and Michigan.

If you live in the Southern States of the United States, rhubarb will not thrive in your garden.

How, dry weather is not conducive to rhubarb plantings.

The large leaves of the rhubarb plant will quickly wilt under extreme heat.

If you live in the Southern United States, and you love rhubarb, or you have never experienced the awesome flavour of rhubarb, you can still enjoy this versatile vegetable by purchasing it in the form of delectable rhubarb jam or jelly.

Many website visitors, (who live in an area of the world where they cannot successfully grow rhubarb themselves), contact me to ask for advice as to where they can purchase frozen rhubarb.

From time to time I notice that local grocery stores sell bags of frozen rhubarb.

Which stores, where in the country, and at what season of the year frozen rhubarb is sold seems to be very inconsistent.

Another option is to purchase frozen rhubarb online at *Amazon.com.

You can then use the frozen rhubarb, and make a rhubarb cobbler, rhubarb crisp, rhubarb pie, rhubarb cake, rhubarb muffins or another favourite rhubarb dessert recipe. Or perhaps you crave scrumptiously scrumptious rhubarb sauce.

Click the link under the image of the frozen rhubarb below for additional product information and customer product reviews.

Here (below) are quotes from people who live in South Carolina and Florida who cannot grow rhubarb, but have enjoyed their rhubarb purchase online:

"... Amazon notified me that the rhubarb was now available and we immediately ordered. We received the rhubarb in about two days - packed in dry ice. The rhubarb was still hard frozen. We separated the rhubarb in to about one pound packages and put them in the freezer. It was small stems and all individual small pieces. Had some for dinner and the rhubarb is delicious!! Then we had a pie for Sunday dinner - have not had a rhubarb pie for about 18 years. I can not grow rhubarb in South Carolina. We will order again when we start to get low."

"... I make jams and my top seller is strawberry rhubarb. Being here in Florida, rhubarb is very hard to find. I found the rhubarb on Amazon from the Willamette Valley Fruit Company and took a chance. I am so glad I did. The rhubarb came several days after I ordered it and it was still frozen, even coming to Florida from Oregon. Once defrosted, we ate some and it had a fabulous taste. I made many jars of jam and my customers are still excited about the rhubarb. I was very excited to tell them it came all the way from Oregon to Florida, and it tasted like we just picked it ourselves."

Surprise your family and friends with a recipe made with rhubarb, or include a jar of rhubarb jam in a gift basket for someone special. Or make your very own rhubarb pie with the rhubarb pie filling (below). 

Here follow some Rhubarb Food Ideas that you can purchase on-line at *Amazon.com, and in most cases, have delivered right to your (or the lucky recipients), door.

BE SURE to check out the Rhubarb and Custard Candy!

Click on the images (below) for additional product information and customer reviews.


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Haribo Rhubarb
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Even though you cannot grow rhubarb in the far South, you can still enjoy the taste of this desirable vegetable!

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