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Do It Yourself - Get Rid of Weeds
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Having trouble with weed control?

Here are "Do it Yourself", Natural Weed Control Tips for controlling weeds without chemicals in gardens, driveway, walkways.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Weed control is important for the home gardener, and for almost any home owner.

Weeds will invariably come to new gardens, established gardens, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns, driveways, walkways, and pretty much anywhere!

I am sure you have even noticed  how weeds can grow in the crack of a large boulder or rock(!)

I believe the best tip for natural weed control is by dealing with the problem on a regular basis.

By controlling weeds, for example, on a weekly basis, weeds will soon become less of a problem.

Weeds that have not been allowed to develop, will not flower and reseed themselves. 

Tips for Natural Weed Control on Driveways and More

Gardens, driveways and walkways which have not been weeded regularly often become overgrown with weeds, crowding out the original garden plants and robbing them of water and nutrients in the soil.

It is easier to perform weekly weed control than allowing the situation to get out of control, and then trying to tame the weeds, (only to find that the weeds are all there is left)!

For example, we have a problem with weeds constantly growing in our driveway.

We have found that the best way to eliminate this problem is, one evening a week we simply walk up and down the driveway, and pull out ALL the weeds.

When this is done on a regular basis with the driveway, a garden, or wherever weeds are a concern, you will find this to be a very easy and most effective way to keep an advantage over the weeds!

Here are some additional tips for weed control, to help you get an advantage over the weeds, and have your gardens, driveway, and lawn, looking its best!

  • Pull weeds when they are small, they will be easier to remove, and will be less likely to disturb other plants.
    You will also disturb less soil, which in turn will prevent buried weeds from coming to the soil surface and germinating. 

  • Never walk past a weed - pull it when you first notice it, or else it will just get more mature, and then go to seed.

  • Always remove the entire root of the weed.
    Many weeds are perennials, and many perennial weeds will sprout again from pieces of leftover root.

  • The best tool to use for removing weeds is a simple, inexpensive weeding tool, as the one pictured below (scroll down), available for online purchase at *

  • I used to weed using only my hands, and was finding that, many times I did not remove the entire root of the weed.
    I purchased one of these weeding tools, and it works amazingly!

  • Even in dry soil conditions, this tool easily slides in beside the weed, loosening the immediate soil enough to allow you to then pull up the weed, root and all.
    Definitely worth buying!

best weeding tool

  • Never allow weeds to go to seed.
    Many weed seeds are carried by the wind.
    My experience is that the less weedy your yard is, the less weedy your vegetable, flower gardens, and driveway, will be.

  • Keep weeds from creeping into your garden, driveway, walkways, and so on by edging with a solid barrier such as brick, paving stones, boulders or wood.

  • Use mulch to block weeds from the sun.
    A layer (about three inches thick), of organic mulch will prevent many weeds from germinating.
    Be sure to remove all visible weeds prior to applying the mulch.

  • Corn gluten can be applied to gardens to prevent annual weeds seed germination.
    Do NOT use this method if you are sowing seeds in the same bed.

  • Consider using landscape fabric in some areas of the garden, such as around trees, beneath shrubs, or at a garden's edge. Landscape fabric can be used to create a physical barrier to weeds.
    Cover the landscape fabric with mulch, such as wood chips for a finished look.

  • Be sure that all compost that you apply to your garden beds is thoroughly decomposed before using it.
    Some weed seeds can survive the winter, and you do not want to spread them into your garden.

  • To remove weeds in a lawn, consider using a garden tool specifically made to penetrate through the sod and remove the weed, (see item at left).

It takes effort to keep the weeds away, but with a little organization of how you plan to keep the advantage over them, and a little time set aside to implement your weed control techniques, your efforts will be rewarded with the weeds becoming less and less of a problem.

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