What do I do with the
Rhubarb Seed Pod Stalk?

 ... My rhubarb plants seem to be growing a center stalk high above the rest of the plant do I cut this ...

Question #1:

My plants seem to be sprouting and growing a center stalk high above the rest of the plant do I cut this to stop it or wait and see if it develops shoots off it?

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Tall Stalk in Rhubarb - seed podWhat do you do with the Rhubarb Seed Pod?


Yes, I would remove the stem in the center as it sounds like it is a flower or seed pod. Leaving it will cause the flower pod to take energy from the rhubarb plant.

You can read more about the flowers of rhubarb plants and why they should be removed as soon as possible here: https://www.rhubarb-central.com/rhubarb-flowers.html

Question #2:

Seems like my rhubarb plants want to go to seed, what can remedy this? 


I don't believe there is anything you can do to prevent your rhubarb plants from going to seed, that is, from growing a flower /seed-pod.

Some years my rhubarb patch has very few or no flower /seed stalks, while other years there is several ... but this is quite normal.

Just be sure to remove the flower stalk /seed pod as soon as you notice it, as leaving it will take needed energy from the rhubarb plant itself.

Check out this page for helpful information about the seed pod:


Hope this helps!

Question #3:

My rhubarb plant had started to go to seed it had a stalk with a bulb size top, it had not opened up.  Is my rhubarb still OK to use?


YES, it is totally fine to harvest your rhubarb as you normally would.

As soon as you notice a flower /seedpod coming up among the rhubarb plant, you should remove it, as it takes needed energy away from the plant.

See:  https://www.rhubarb-central.com/rhubarb-flowers.html

Hope this helps, and ... enjoy your rhubarb!

Question #4:

I am having a really hard time growing my rhubarb.  It ends up most of the time growing the grainy flowers and has very few rhubarb stems.


I am sorry to hear that your rhubarb is not flourishing as it should ...

I am sure you are probably already familiar with the best conditions for growing rhubarb, but here is a helpful link if you are interested:


In early spring you may also want to fertilize the rhubarb plant to boost growth and health of the plants.

You do mention that the rhubarb goes to flower ... be sure to remove the flower pod as soon as you notice it coming up! It takes energy from the plant, and this may result in less than optimal stalk growth.

You did not mention how old the rhubarb plants are ... they do take a few years to become large. They are self-propagating though, and it only takes a few years before you should have large plants.

Take a look at these pages too, to see if any pest or diseases are bothering the plants:



Hope this helps!

Rhubarb Seed Pod /Flower Stalk ImageThe Rhubarb Seed Pod is a Really a Beautiful Flower!

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