What is the Easiest
Vegetable to Grow? - Rhubarb!

Growing Rhubarb is 
Very Easy,
Very Low in Maintenance and a
Very Frugal Food Idea for YOUR Veggie Garden!

I believe rhubarb is the very easiest vegetable to grow, and the most frugal vegetable to grow in your garden.

It requires very little maintenance, is a money saver, and provides a huge, versatile harvest.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

The Easiest Vegetable to Grow IS Rhubarb

At one time our family had a huge vegetable garden.

We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh harvest, and I enjoyed freezing and canning the vegetables for use in the winter.

After a few years, we realized that growing your own vegetables, while raising a family demanded a lot of time and effort.

At times, the prospect of maintaining the garden become overwhelming ... it was so large.

Coupled with the fact that not only did buying, planting, weeding, and other garden maintenance use too much of our valuable time, at times we were disappointed with the quality or the amount of the harvest.

After a few years, we decided to plant grass instead of our vegetable garden, and keep ONLY the rhubarb plants and the raspberry bushes.

Why? ... Because these two crops required the least maintenance, required little or no cost, and gave the most abundant harvest.

Most vegetables are annuals, meaning they need to be seeded every year, one of the reasons why they are not the easiest vegetables to grow.

Rhubarb, on the other hand, is one of the few available perennial vegetables.

Asparagus in another example of a perennial vegetable.

MOST FRUGAL FOOD to Grow in your Garden - RHUBARB!

More and more gardeners are interested in growing perennial garden crops, both in flower gardens and in vegetable gardens.

Perennial vegetables are the easiest vegetable to grow, and the most cost effective.

Growing perennial vegetables, such as rhubarb, means that you do not need to purchase seeds or young plants each year to grow you food. Perennial plants continue to grow from season to season, in fact they reproduce themselves, so you are able to harvest more and more of the vegetable in coming years, without purchasing seeds or plants!

Definitely a frugal way to grow your vegetables.

Perennials such as rhubarb extend the growing season by providing a harvest earlier in the season and later in the season. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I harvest the first of the season's rhubarb in April, and I pick the last of the rhubarb for the season in September. Rhubarb can usually be harvested three or four times a season.  

Rhubarb is the Easiest and the Most Frugal Veggie to Grow

If you find that your enthusiasm for gardening dies soon after you have had the enjoyment of planning it, planting it, and watch it begin to sprout, growing rhubarb is a great idea for you!

Choosing to grow rhubarb means that you can satisfy your green thumb very easily, successfully, without paying a dime, and enjoy the amazing harvest, for many years to come!

Why are rhubarb plants so easy to grow?

Rhubarb plants take very little care and effort.

In fact they almost thrive on neglect! Once rhubarb plants begin to grow they require minimal maintenance, so even lazy gardeners can boast a successful harvest!

Even homeowners with a very small amount of land can grow rhubarb.

You do not even need to have a vegetable garden.

In a sunny location, rhubarb can easily be grown along a fence line, a patio, a deck, or even amongst flowers and plants in a flower garden.

Unfortunately, rhubarb cannot be grown in all climate conditions. Rhubarb requires a period of cold weather for dormancy and moderate spring and summer temperatures.

Ideal temperatures for growing rhubarb is below 40 ° F, (5° c), in winter, and temperatures averaging less than 75° F (24° C) in the summer.

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Very Easiest Vegetable to Grow in the Garden

If you are planning to start growing your own food to avoid many of the chemicals, etc. that are used to treat much of the store-purchased fruits and vegetables, rhubarb is a great choice.

Rhubarb is rarely affected by pests and diseases, so treating it is not usually necessary. In fact, in all the many years we have grown rhubarb, we have never needed to treat the plants for any pests or diseases.

Growing your own rhubarb allows you the enjoyment of picking your own vegetables to make your own scrumptious rhubarb pie, rhubarb muffins, rhubarb cake, rhubarb sauce, rhubarb crumbles and more!

Unlike many other vegetables, (which require a lot of effort to freeze), rhubarb is extremely easy to freeze. It preferred you can also dry/dehydrate rhubarb, or preserve/can rhubarb.

GO to How to Freeze Rhubarb

Our family has grown rhubarb for many years. Each year I use fresh rhubarb to bake delicious rhubarb desserts, and other rhubarb recipes.

The rhubarb that I do not choose to use fresh, I freeze and use during the winter.

The recipe I make most often is simply stewing the rhubarb and using it as a side to any dinner, or as a delectable topping for ice cream or pudding.

So, What is the Easiest Vegetable to Grow?


I believe rhubarb is not only the easiest vegetable to grow, but the most practical, the best vegetable to grow is because of how versatile it is.

I cannot imagine any other vegetable that can be baked and cooked in as many different recipes as rhubarb can. Often treated as a fruit in recipes, it is also used as a vegetable in dinners ... check out the recipe for rhubarb chili !

Notice all the recipe categories, (see the navigation bars at left, or scroll down for mobile view), that are available for baking and cooking with rhubarb.

If you are looking for the very easiest vegetable to grow, and the most rewarding vegetable to grow in your garden, or anywhere on your property, grow rhubarb!

I believe you will find it to be an extremely rewarding experience, and you will reap the benefits for many years to come! And, remember, not only is rhubarb the easiest vegetable to grow, but home-grown vegetables always taste superior to store-purchased produce too!

If you have any questions about growing rhubarb that you cannot find answered within the pages of this website, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist you!

Happy Rhubarb Gardening! :)

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