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Best Way to Harvest a Large Patch of Rhubarb

Are you wondering what is the best way to harvest a large patch of rhubarb?

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Here are picture images of harvesting our rhubarb for the final pick of the season ... photos with helpful tips for the best way to harvest a large rhubarb patch ... quickly and efficiently!

Our rhubarb garden consists of very mature plants, and this was the final harvest of the season, therefore, as you will notice, we harvested the entire crop.

Picture of Harvesting /Picking Rhubarb at Rhubarb CentralBest Way to Harvest a Large Rhubarb Patch

If you have a really large patch of rhubarb to harvest, following these simple tips will enable you to pick the whole patch and have it ready to use or to freeze in a very short time.

HOW to pick rhubarb at RhubarbCentral.comGrab the Rhubarb Stalk Close to the Ground

Picking the Rhubarb /Harvest Time for RhubarbPull and Twist to Remove the Stalk

LOTS of Harvested RhubarbHarvested Rhubarb - Ready to Have the Leaves Cut Off

As you harvest each stalk, keep them together, all facing the same direction ... it makes cutting the leaves off easier and quicker.

Cutting the Leaves Off the Rhubarb Stalks

Line a large size pail or other container with a clean bag, and add the rhubarb stalks to the pail after the leaves have been removed.

To remove the leaves use a very sharp knife. One tap with a sharp knife should sever and drop the leaf.

Be sure to place all the rhubarb stalks in the pail with the cut end up (or down). Having all the stalks facing the same direction makes cutting the rhubarb into pieces, later, much easier.

Removing the leaves from the rhubarb stalksCutting the Leaves Off of the Rhubarb Stalk

Dispose of the leaves, keeping in mind that rhubarb leaves are poisonous to eat.

If you are interested in making a natural pesticide using the leaves,

GO to How to Make a Natural Insecticide Using Rhubarb Leaves

Washing the Rhubarb HarvestWashing the Rhubarb Stalks in a Large Sieve

The rhubarb can just as well be washed in the kitchen sink, however, especially for large amounts of rhubarb, washing the stalks outside is a great idea!

A large size sieve is a great way to wash the rhubarb outside ... and keeps the kitchen clean and tidy!

After the rhubarb has been washed with water, allow excessive water to drain off, and transfer the rhubarb to a clean bag or container.

The rhubarb is now ready to use to make a delectable rhubarb recipe, or to store by freezing the rhubarb, canning the rhubarb or dehydrating the rhubarb.

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